Kicking of 2017: Audi A8 Equipped With HRE FlowForm FF01 Wheels!

We’re kicking off the all-new year of 2017 with a bigger bang than ever with a set of HRE’s FF01 wheels installed on an Audi A8 sedan! As we are renowned for our showcases and distribution of only the best, genuine products, we receive dozens and dozens of inquiries on European cars and fitments. As such the key brands (e.g. HRE Performance Wheels) that we boast as their sole distributors in the nation cater towards the demands of the market with priorities placed on European fitments!

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HRE Performance Feature: Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse Equipped With HRE’s FF15 Wheels!

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is one of Mercedes-Benz’s best selling cars back here in Malaysia! With its youthful design, and trendy looks it brings out the best of what Mercedes-Benz has to offer in the model year 2016. As such, to hype up the looks of this sporty hatchback, the owner of this A-Klasse approached us looking for a set of wheels and soon after a brief discussion, the results we’re astounding…


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Aspired Darkness: Range Rover Sport Redone With A Full Aspire Design Makeover!

With our previous photo posts and blog posts of the Aspire Designed Range Rover Sport cathcing the attention of most of our viewers and readers, yet another client who was smitten over the makeover paid a visit to our showroom! This time with the Range Rover being black, we knew this makeover would make the Range Rover Sport more sportier and more aggressive than ever!aspire-rr-6

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An Aspiring Makeover! Range Rover Sport Redone With A Full Aspire Design Bodykit!

With a loyal, regular returning client driving into our reserved slot outside our showroom with a brand new Range Rover Sport, we knew it was time to do something completely different. As such, with his intention to completely set his car apart from other Range Rovers, we scoured the web and scoured through our contacts from overseas for a makeover that’ll completely redesign our dear friend’s Range Rover Sport!

ASpire Designed Range Rover Sport Supercharged

Aspire Designed Range Rover Sport Supercharged

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HRE Performance Feature: Brand New Mini Cooper S Clubman Fitted With HRE’s FF15 Wheel!

Specializing in Aftermarket Enhancements since 1997, at Autofuture Design, we’re constantly improving our portfolio of premium products that we offer to give our customers the very best offerings from all over the world! With that in mind, when a loyal, regular client paid us a visit at our showroom with his brand-new Mini Cooper S Clubman, he was in for a tough decision to pick out a wheel for his car!

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HRE Performance FlowForm Feature: FF01 Equipped On A Bentley Continental

Its been a little over a week since our last post went up but after a short holiday we’re back with new content! New makeovers and new applications for various vehicles which will stun any auto enthusiast, so stay tuned for our coming features.

Bentley Continental HRE FF01 2

The Bentley Continental is a car that needs non introductions. The “flying B” badges around the car both inside and out will capture anyones attention signifying its opulent british elegance. This Bentley however, is far from being stock. It’s owner (whom possibly has very good taste) equipped this British limousine with a full Mansory body kit. The quad tail pipes, chrome lined side skirts and redesigned bumpers are all obvious signs of the Mansory build up.

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