Setting It Apart: Lexus RX Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

SUV’s like the Lexus RX are cars which require a specific desired taste! A great alternative to the usual makes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW & Audi, the Lexus RX seen here in its F-Sport form to me at least, is one of the best looking SUV’s on the roads today!

Lexus RX V-FF 107 1

As good looking and aggressive as it already is, there’s always a way for dealers and distributors to turn up the looks of this stunning SUV even further and for us, the easiest method is by way of a set of wheels! With such an aggressive exterior look on this Lexus Rx which again, features a full F-Sport bodykit, the client needed a set of alloys that’ll be able too keep up with the car’s ever aggressive aesthetics.

Lexus RX V-FF 107 6

As expected, another client fell in love with the looks and aesthetics of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 107 wheel! One after another, these new wheels just manage catch the eyes of each and every client that takes a glimpse at it! With a choice of two colour finishes being Carbon Graphite and Titanium Machine and its availability of sizes ranging from 19 inch to 22 inch applications, the V-FF 107 is very dynamic in terms of fitment and applications. As you’ve seen times over when we’ve worked with the V-FF 107 wheels, we’ve fitted them on sedans, SUV’s and supercars making this one of the most loved wheel designs in the industry!

Lexus RX V-FF 107 8

As such, we see the pairing of the Lexus RX and the V-FF 107 wheel as a perfect combination! Being popular for its luxurious comfort, the client did not want to risk ruining his ride comfort and requested for a set of V-FF 107 wheels in 20 inch dimensions despite the SUV’s capability of taking up to a 22 inch wheel. Regardless of the wheel’s size, the V-FF 107 more than perfectly suits this SUV!

Lexus RX V-FF 107 12

Vorsteiner ever improving wheel designs sees the V-FF 107 adopting an entirely new aesthetic look as compared to its their other wheel options. Bold, different and unique in nearly every way as compared to their other rival brands. the dimensional mesh look and design gives the wheel a more edgier and sharper design ethic which suits this Lexus RX perfectly! As always, when it comes to Vorsteiner wheels which are famed for their ultra low weight figure, this wheel is no different and we have all the confidence in the world when we say that a set of Vorsteiner wheels are more than able to improve the handling of any vehicle its fitted on!

Lexus RX V-FF 107 2




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