Striking Mercedes-Benz C238 E-Class Coupe Rolling On Vorsteiner V-FF 102 Wheels!

When this brand new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe left our showroom only a few days ago, its looks were transformed with a set of new Vorsteiner V-FF 102 wheels! It all began when the owner of the car of which picked up his sleek coupe only a week ago, was looking to transform the look of his car. Indeed he came to the right place as we had more than a handful of options prepared for the makeover of his new E-Class Coupe!

MErcedes-Benz C238 Coupe V-FF 102 5

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A returning client of ours, we initially encountered our client a few years ago when we wrapped up a makeover on his previous generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe and with his new coupe now in our showroom, we were excited to begin the transformation of his car! When he came to our showroom in his latest, greatest E-Class Coupe, he knew that his stock 18 inch AMG alloys were destined for replacement. His stock wheels, were too small and just not good enough to keep up with the striking looks of his coupe’s body style.

MErcedes-Benz C238 Coupe V-FF 102 4

First thing our client wanted was to swap out his stock 18 inch alloys for a set of 19’s of which caught our attention… Though an upgrade to a set of 19 inch wheels would be better than his initial stock layout, but we were adamant that it was not going to be good enough, especially with the E-Class Coupe’s body size. As such, we not only convinced our client but also assured him that the set of 20 inch wheels would look perfect on his coupe.

MErcedes-Benz C238 Coupe V-FF 102 1

Vorsteiner USA is not only renowned for their construction of Carbon Fiber Aerokits but also the manufacture of the industries greatest Flow Forged wheels and once our client saw the entire lineup of Vorsteiner wheels in our office he was excited to see how his Coupe would look like with a set of 20 inch Vorsteiner alloys on his car, the next obstacle was making a decision on which wheel he would want on his car.

MErcedes-Benz C238 Coupe V-FF 102 8

We first showed him Vorsteiner’s newly released V-FF 107 wheel, which was available in his Coupe’s fitment size but he wasn’t too enthusiastic over that wheel design. What caught his eye though was Vorsteiner’s V-FF 102 wheel of which was now offered in Vorsteiner’s latest and greatest Titanium Machined finish which not only contrasts perfectly with the Obsidian Black body colour of the Coupe but also gives the wheel a more sophisticated look and design!

MErcedes-Benz C238 Coupe V-FF 102 2

Sticking to his decision on a set of V-FF 102 wheels, we fitted a set in a dimension of 9J x 20″ and 10J x 20″ which enables the new alloys to fill up the wheel wells completely and sits perfectly aligned with the Coupe’s fenders. To give the car a more striking exterior look, the wheels were fitted via a set of Vorsteiner Spline Lug Bolts and a set of Vorsteiner Designer Red Center Caps! The wheels were wrapped up with a set of Pirelli P-Zero tires of which were bundled up with the new alloys at very reasonable deal.



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