The Bilstein Advantages: Bilstein’s B8 Shock Absorbers & H&R’s Lowering Springs

As a Bilstein distributor of over 15 years, and being an official H&R importer of over a decade, the application list for vehicles is growing rapidly with each and every day, without forgetting the existing applications for older models.

As a pioneering aftermarket specialist especially for suspension systems, we keep massive stock for Bilstein’s series of suspension systems as well as, H&R’s lowering springs especially for fitment on European makes and models. This gives our dealers & clients both variety and convenience without any waiting period for suspension components. We’re able to brief and recommend users on the perfect combinations of shock absorbers and springs for enthusiasts looking for better handling. Apart from that, for much rarer vehicles of which we do not hold stock at the moment, we’re able to assist clients on their inquiries by placing an order with Bilstein and H&R for their desired components.

For us at Autofuture Design, its all about taking Bilstein’s motorsport performance and handling from the racetrack to the street and for that users delve into the world of Bilstein’s Sport Performance Suspension Systems! Working with Bilstein’s Suspension Systems for over a decade has enlightened us on the advantages of their shock absorbers which are available for various vehicles out there. Tested with pride along Germany’s Nurburgring Nordschleife racetrack, Bilstein’s shocks are built to take the harshness of everyday driving without compromising on comfort. With our expertise, the distributorship and sales of Bilstein’s Suspension Systems is our day-in, day-out business with dozens of sets shipped out daily. Take a look at our social media both on Instagram and Facebook, and viewers would recognize that we have dozens of installations and deliveries being done every week for both our clients and dealers.

When this Volkswagen Passat CC paid us a visit, we knew it already came equipped with adaptive shock absorbers (DCC) giving its users the ability to switch damping stiffness. However, being a five-year old vehicle, our client felt that the handling of the car was deteriorating with its age and mileage. As such, he was looking for a perfect replacement for his stock shocks that would deliver both absolute performance and a lowered stance that he was looking for. Delving in to the world of Bilstein’s high performance shock absorbers was a good step for our client as replacing the adaptive shocks with Volkswagen’s original shock absorbers would be a five-figure cost without any improved handling. Despite the Bilstein shocks not having adaptive damping capabilities, it was designed to deliver maximum performance whilst retaining a comfortable ride with this set of shocks being much more affordable as compared to Volkswagen’s stock shocks.

With our experience in the aftermarket industry, especially with Bilstein components, we instantly recommended him a set of Bilstein’s B8 shock absorbers as these shocks were built for the lowered stance he was looking for. The marriage of Bilstein’s B8 suspension system along with the H&R springs he requested would easily outperform the Volkswagen’s stock adaptive shocks (DCC) and deliver a better ride/handling compromise and also improving the Passat’s aesthetics. Keeping ride harshness at a minimum, and maximizing the vehicle performance along with a sportier stance, this is how we infuse motorsport technologies on to the streets!



Take a look at the images attached just before the installation and post installation for the difference in ride height. As a whole, no one else knows suspension systems better than us! Being the official Bilstein Sole Distributor and an official H&R product importer for the Malaysian market, the experience we’ve gained of over 15 years of dealing with Bilstein and H&R products enables us to deliver and recommend the perfect marriage of high performance shocks and springs. Should anyone need more info or details on the perfect fitment in their pursuit of the perfect setup may pay us a visit at our showroom or get in touch directly and we’ll do our best to deliver the best setup for your vehicle.