The Final Touch: Porsche Cayenne Equipped With A Full Hamann Bodykit & Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

We’ve worked on the same Porsche Cayenne for some time now, in pursuit of our clients desired exterior finish! From a normal stock Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid to a fully redesigned exterior aesthetic, this Cayenne S has come a long way from start to end! Feel free to take a look at our previous articles on this SUV featuring our first two phases of modifications done to this SUV. (

Porsche Cayenne Hamann V-FF 107 12When we wrapped up the installation of the Hamann bodykit in part two of our write up, we saw the Cayenne running on a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 107 wheels in its Carbon Graphite finish made better with a Hamann bodykit installed onto the Cayenne’s body! However, we felt that there was a little more that we can do to make the Cayenne stand out even more!

Porsche Cayenne Hamann V-FF 107 6

As such, we discussed with our client on his desires of degree of sportiness that he’d like to see his Cayenne boasting. Once we got the green light to push his Cayenne to the very limit of sportiness, we decided that Hamann’s Carbon Fiber bonnet would suit this Cayenne perfectly!

Porsche Cayenne Hamann V-FF 107 2

As a note, Hamann does not keep stock of their Carbon Fiber bonnets which in turn ensures clients of a high level of quality! The Carbon Fiber bonnet is made to order and will only be manufactured and produced upon order which ensures perfect quality and fitment to any vehicle of the clients desire. We placed the order and in about 6 weeks the Carbon bonnet arrived ready for fitment!

Porsche Cayenne Hamann V-FF 107 3

In a matter of a few nuts and bolts the stock bonnet was removed and the new Hamann bonnet was installed and it looked amazing! Hamann’s design of their Carbon bonnet is very striking with air intake cut outs for the Cayenne’s engine to breathe better! The bonnet additionally, is clear coated for even better aesthetics with its glossy finish!

Porsche Cayenne Hamann V-FF 107 7

As mentioned previously, we fitted a full Hamann bodykit which consists of, a brand new, redesigned front bumper which is tailored specifically for the Porsche Cayenne, a set of Hamann tailored side skirts and a Hamann built rear diffuser! With all these parts installed alongside the new Hamann Carbon bonnet, this Porsche looks absolutely breathtaking and looks even better in person!

Porsche Cayenne Hamann V-FF 107 10

The entire package works superbly well with Vorsteiner’s set of V-FF 107 wheels which in turn pushes the Cayenne’s level of aesthetics even further! The dimensional multispoke mesh design really is super attractive with the minute details of the wheel slowly catching your attention as you come closer. The new V-FF 107 wheel brings forward a whole new design into Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheel range. The ever popular Vorsteiner logo is engraved at the 12 o’ clock position of the wheel and is a very eye-catching feature of the wheel. Sized at 10.5J x 22 inches at all four corners of the vehicle, the wheel’s size perfectly fit the Cayenne’s wheel arches, enabling a flush fitment at all four corners of this SUV. The wheels fitted, were wrapped up with a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires. Initially, our client wanted any of a set of the 21 inch wheels we offer has he was concerned on tire prices. However, as we’ve partnered with the best tire suppliers in the nation, our competitive tire prices enables our 22 inch tires to be priced lower than any 21 inch tire out there!



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