Autofuture Design Dealership Network: Our 20th Year In Operation!

As of 2017, we, Autofuture Design has approached our 20th year in operation since 1997. Being the pioneering distributor of authentic & genuine wheels, we always welcome more dealers to participate in our dealership program to provide potential clients with easier access to the products that we showcase!

Going strong two decades over, from the heart of Malaysia, to east Malaysia in the land of the Borneo region, we’re the sole distributors in the nation for brands such as Vorsteiner, HRE Performance Wheels, Kelleners Sport, TechArt, Carlsson & Bilstein Sport Suspension Systems with strategically placed key dealers and distributors nationwide.

Our dealer & distribution network expands across the nation to provide potential clients with easier access to all our showcased products. As such, for any dealer that is associated with us for the distribution of genuine products, end-users should feel no hesitation to visit our allocated distributors directly for more info on our products. Not only can our clients purchase products from us directly but also purchase products from our dealers around the nation. Our superbly planned distribution network enables dealers to get hold of our stock faster than ever. Apart from that, upon the delivery of our stocks we also offer express shipping across the nation that should take no longer than a day to provide end-users peace of mind. If the delivery address is located within Klang Valley, the delivery should take no less than an hour upon confirmation.

As a premium distributor of aftermarket authentic wheels and suspensions, we receive monthly shipments of wheels, aero parts & suspension systems to ensure that the supply of parts and products meet our dealer’s demands. At a time, we hold over 400 pieces of Vorsteiner wheels without counting the other portion of our massive stock that we hold for our other brands that we exclusively showcase (E.g. HRE, Kelleners Sport, Carlsson, BBS, TechArt, AMG, BMW M). The extensive catalog of stock that we carry gives dealers the ability to draw at stock from us at anytime they deem necessary. With all that help from us backing our key dealers, dealers are able to hold most of the available applications and colors for stronger sales across the nation. For niche, high-end brands such as Aspire Design, Hamann, Mansory & MEC Design we offer customised orders and shipping across the nation for their bodykits. 

For potential dealers, they would be able to work closely with us for easier access into the stock that we hold. Of course as time passes, our stock count is progressively growing with all available applications for the wheels that we showcase. Of course, there are some requirements to fulfill in order to join our dealership program but we believe that we can cater to both the needs and demands of our potential dealers. As for those interested in participating in our dealer program, feel free to contact us at anytime. As we already have established a well planned and well strategised dealer network, we welcome new inquiries to participate in our Dealer program.

One of our key dealers in the southern region of Malaysia is Era Maju Automobil SDN BHD and via working closely with them as a team, we’ve been able to expand our market reach where it would be more convenient potential clients to purchase our products. They carry most of the stock of the wheels that we carry and given that, it would be easier for clients to view the actual products in person at their showroom instead of just online product showcases. This would give clients more confidence when making their purchase. Here’s a handful of images of the cars that they’ve worked on:


Image courtesy of Era Maju Automobil – Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Wheels


Image courtesy of Era Maju Automobil – Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Wheels


Image courtesy of Era Maju Automobil – Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Wheels



Autofuture Design MALAYSIA


Established since 1997, Autofuture Design has established themselves as a premium & genuine product distributor in the nation. We carry the entire, extensive catalog of products that we showcase available for fitment. Should you need aero parts, wheels or suspension systems we will do our absolute best to provide all available assistance to ensure that customers achieve the very best dynamic layout. Regardless of whatever requirements you need, we will get it done in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime for more info on the application of parts or drop by our showroom at anytime during our operating hours and we would be able to show you the products in person, as well as to provide you with better clarity on the products that we offer.