Autofuture Design’s Flickr: Your Hub For Everything Fresh & New!

Established in 1997, Autofuture Design has grown into one of the pioneers in the Malaysian Aftermarket industry! We’re always striving to bring our dealers and potential clients the very best products in the global aftermarket industry! As such, in the end of 2017 we’ve established a Flickr page ( of which showcases thousands of photos that feature our latest and greatest makeovers!

As of now, at the time this article is written, our Flickr page holds 5067 photos and is constantly growing with time! With vehicles from brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus to pure exotic brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, our Flickr page is equipped and constantly updated with the latest & greatest content featuring the very best brands in the auto industry!

For end-users & potential clients

We understand that picking and selecting a set of wheels for your ride can be quite cumbersome and troubling at times. As such, our Flickr page aims to deliver potential clients a method of which would be easier for individuals to view our completed makeovers. Photos are snapped from various angles in order to enable potential clients to view products and completed vehicles from different perspectives in order to assist clients in selecting the desired products. With dozens and dozens of wheel brands and wheel designs available, our Flickr page showcases most if not all the brands and models we carry!

From genuine products from automotive brands such as BMW M, Mercedes-AMG to aftermarket specialists such as Vorsteiner & HRE Performance Wheels, our Flickr page is updated daily to give clients a broader view on the products we offer! And it’s not all on wheels and rims, our Flickr page is also updated with refreshed vehicles featuring aerokits from aftermarket brands all across the globe, such as, Hamann, Mansory, Aspire Design, Vorsteiner and many more brands!

*all of our images are available for download in full resolution without any password encryption required

For Dealers & Distributors

As the exclusive distributors for both the Malaysian & Singaporean regions of various brands in the automotive aftermarket industry, we look at it as our responsibility to equip our partnered dealers and distributors with the very best resources available! Should you be a current partnered dealer & distributor of our products, you may be able to utilize our Flickr page to showcase the related products!

Our Flickr page covers most if not all the available products on most of the related vehicles to assist your clients in visualizing their vehicles with the products installed. With a full 360 degree view of the completed vehicles and available products, we’re confident that the uploaded should be more than sufficient in assisting your clients with the selection of products!

For other aftermarket dealers and distributors out there which are keen on taking up the brands and products that we carry, our Flickr page would be the perfect place to view the parts and products that we carry. Complete with details of the parts and products related along with the camera used to snap the relevant images just in case you’re concerned with the resolution and dimensions of the related images.

*all of our images are available for download in full resolution without any password encryption required

The perfect place for browsing through your desired parts & products

We’re confident that the over 5000 photos available on our Flickr page would be able to assist both clients & dealers in their pursuit of the perfect aftermarket build. Whether you’re in the market for a full aerokit or just a set of wheels and rims, our Flickr page was established with the sole purpose of giving clients a more streamlined view of our available products!

However, in the event that the photos uploaded aren’t sufficient, clients may be able to reach out to us via our social media sites and feed or should it be more convenient, clients may be able to message us directly via WhatsApp at

Autofuture Design


Established since 1997, Autofuture Design has established ourselves as a premium & genuine product distributor in the nation. We carry the an extensive catalog of products that we showcase available for fitment. Should you need aero parts, wheels or suspension systems we will do our absolute best to provide all available assistance to ensure that customers achieve the very best dynamic layout. Regardless of whatever requirements you need, we will get it done in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime for more info on the application of parts or drop by our showroom at anytime during our operating hours and we would be able to show you the products in person, as well as to provide you with better clarity on the products that we offer. Our experienced team will gladly answer all your questions and help you where needed with selecting the perfect parts for your car. As an official Sole Distributor for Vorsteiner, HRE Performance wheels, Bilstein Suspension and many other brands, we can get you exactly what you need to realize your vision of automotive perfection. We hope to see you soon in our showroom.

Take a look at our flickr page for a more streamlined view on our makeovers: