Bilstein B6 Damptronic Debut! A Perfect Replacement For BMW EDC vehicles!

As Bilstein’s exclusive distributor for their line of sport performance suspension systems, installing and upgrading the ride and handling systems of our client’s vehicles is something we’re very familiar with. We’ve changed the suspensions systems of most European and a selected few Japanese vehicles a numerous amount of times. However, as per our numbers, the BMW F30 3-Series is the vehicle we’ve worked on the most and now, we’re proud to introduce a new suspension system that aims to deliver the very best performance and handling for the BMW F30 3-Series!48984814_1551290978307902_686830927795453952_o


Left: Bilstein B6 Damptronic Right: BMW F30 M-Sport Adaptive. Virtually identical, but engineered differently

Day in and day out, dozens and dozens of BMW especially F30’s would pay us visits, complaining about it’s loose handling and floaty dynamics and the solutions to their problems that we could provide is a set of Bilstein’s Passive Performance Suspension systems which range from the B6, B8, B12 ProKit, B14 and the B16 PSS10. The Bilstein B6 aims to pair Bilstein shock absorbers with factory springs, Bilstein’s B8 shock absorbers are designed to be partnered with a set of lowering springs, Bilstein’s B12 is an all in one suspension kit which consists of B8 shock absorbers & Eibach lowering springs and the higher end Bilstein B14 & B16 PSS 10 offers ride height adjustment along with soft/hard damping adjustments on the latter.48984814_1551290978307902_686830927795453952_o

With hundreds of installations done on on BMW F30 vehicles, we have gladly exceeded the expectations of our clients whom are running their BMW’s on Bilstein’s suspension systems. However, for clients with BMW M-Sport vehicles that are equipped with Electronic Damper Control are in search for an upgrade, clients may still be able to proceed with upgrading their but under the condition that we have code their vehicles to deactivate their Electronic Damper Control (EDC) systems in order to install Bilstein’s suspension systems. This would enable clients to enjoy Bilstein engineered driving dynamics but without control over the vehicle’s suspension dynamics.48411085_1551291024974564_6603679098554286080_o

With that in mind, Bilstein has put their greatest minds together to develop a new addition into the line of suspension systems to provide clients with the best balance of ride control, vehicle dynamics and user functionality. Introducing the Bilstein B6 Damptronic suspension system! Designed & engineered with the BMW F2X/F3X 3-Series in mind, the new Bilstein B6 Damptronic system is a plug & play suspension system that aims to perfectly replace and upgrade factory BMW F2X/F3X EDC suspension systems (BMW M-Sport Adaptive).48428870_1551290961641237_3147763333461966848_o

A perfect replacement and an even better upgrade, Bilstein has designed & engineered the B6 Damptronic Suspension System to deliver higher levels of control in comparison with the BMW F2X/F3X’s factory stock dampers. This latest addition of Bilstein’s suspension range enables full function of the vehicle’s drive mode systems (Comfort, Sport, Sport +) by working with the BMW’s stock suspension control module and requires no coding or modifications whatsoever. This would enhance and uprate the dynamics of the vehicle whilst retaining the users ability to individually select the levels of damping or stiffness that they desire without any issues.48416239_1551290791641254_4811289619872088064_o


Left: Bilstein B6 Damptronic Right: BMW F30 M-Sport Adaptive. Virtually identical, but engineered differently

While the Bilstein’s Adaptive Suspension Technologies is new for the BMW model range, they have been working on adaptive suspension systems for a long period of time and is the supplier of adaptive suspension systems for Bugatti, Porsche and Nissan’s GT-R amongst many others! As such, due to their long-time experience, the implementation of adaptive technologies of Bilstein’s B6 Damptronic suspension systems for the BMW F2X/F3X series was only a matter of time!

In short, the Bilstein B6 Damptronic is not only a perfect replacement for BMW F2X/F3X’s running EDC systems but also an upgrade that is engineered to outperform the stock suspension system. With the flexibility that the B6 Damptronic suspension system offers, we’re finally ready to cater towards the demands of clients whom are looking for a suspension system which retains their ability to customize the vehicles damping.

The World Of Bilstein Suspension Systems!

Selecting a suspension system for your ride is a highly individual process. There’s no saying the cheapest is the worst and the most expensive is the best, it all depends on what you’re looking for in your drive and in your car. We would suggest that potential clients should pay us a visit and help us understand your requirements in your car’s handling dynamics.

Here’s a brief list on Bilstein’s range of suspension systems and their features:

  1. Bilstein B6: Designed to retain a vehicles original ride height whilst improving the vehicles handling dynamics. Pairs up perfectly with factory springs.
  2. Bilstein B6 Damptronic: Designed as an upgrade to work with the vehicles with Electronic Damper Control (EDC) systems and it’s factory suspension control module, this is a plug & play suspension system that retains the client’s ability to tailor their drive via the vehicles driving modes whilst outperforming the factory adaptive suspension system.
  3. Bilstein B8: Designed to work with vehicles on lowering springs and boosts a vehicles dynamics even better than with just a set of lowering springs. Shortened stroke in order to match lowering springs.
  4. Bilstein B12 ProKit: An all in one suspension system that is packaged with a set of Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers and a set of Eibach High-Performance Lowering Springs. Delivering the perfect marriage of lowered aesthetics and sharp & dynamic handling! For those who are running a stock, factory setup and are looking for sharper handling with lowered aesthetics.
  5. Bilstein B14: Designed to deliver sharp and agile handling whilst giving clients the ability to increase/decrease their ride height via a threaded body.
  6. Bilstein B16 PSS 10: Built to deliver the stiffest, sharpest and most dynamic handling possible! Implements both the ability to increase/decrease a vehicle’s ride height and gives clients the ability to adjust the damping stiffness via a 10-position knob. *stiffness ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest*



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