Forged Luxury: Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Equipped With Forged AMG Wheels

One of our regular clients, whom is a huge Mercedes-AMG fan, called us up last week looking for a set of exclusive wheels for his Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid. As most auto enthusiasts may know, the Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse is a very popular luxury saloon in Malaysia. However, the W222 S-Klasse is plagued with many complaints on its wheels being too fragile for our pothole-scattered roads. With that in mind, when the owner took ownership of his car, he wanted to swap out his wheels immediately.

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Raising The Bar: BMW F30 Equipped With Bilstein B12 ProKit & Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Wheels

Last week, as our shutters of our store just rolled open, we received a call on our landline from a client whom is inquiring on a set of Bilstein B12 shocks for his F30 as the stock suspension system is too soft or inadequate for spirited driving. As this is a well known issue amongst F30 enthusiasts, he wanted to equip his car with Bilstein’s B12 suspension to improve his car’s handling and to drop the ride height of his F30.

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BMW X6 M Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 103’s

Out of the blue, we spotted a pristine Alpine White BMW X6 M driving into our reserved parking lot in front of our showroom. Apparently, the owner was paying us a visit looking for a set of wheels to replace his stock rollers. Equipped with a 560hp twin-turbocharged V8, the X6 M would have no problem speeding away on the stock wheels, but the owner complained that the wheels were too heavy especially since he was running on Run-Flat tires. 

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Stepping-up: Volkswagen Golf MK7R Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 106 Wheels

A few days ago we established contact with a potential client. He called us and discussed about the various fitments available for his Volkswagen Golf R Mk7. He wanted a set of wheels that would be identical with his stock set of wheels in terms of aesthetics and dimensions but we told him that it’s not possible as the layout would not only be unimpressive but will also not make a big difference in the cars aesthetics. After a while of chatting on the phone, we invited him over to visit our showrooms to view our line of products available for his Golf R.

Volkswagen Golf R Mk7 V-FF 103 5

Two days later he visited us, readily looking for a set of wheels that will suit his car. Though we told him that his requests could not be met, we assured him that with our 19 years of experience we can’t go wrong and we can only make his car’s driving dynamics and aesthetic looks even better. He was impressed with our line of products offered in our showroom as many other retailers showcase mostly counterfeit and only a few genuine products, but we are the only retailer in Malaysia that provides our clients and distributes to dealers products which are authentic & genuine.

Volkswagen Golf R Mk7 V-FF 103 2

And so, with our client in the showroom, we conducted a few test fits on his car with various wheels that were tailor made to the Golf R’s specifications. In the end, after a few test runs, he was attracted to the Vorsteiner V-FF 106 wheels. In his perspective, the low weight of 9.8kg each (which is about 30% lighter than stock) astounded him. Being Vorsteiner’s latest addition to their Flow Forged wheel lineup, the V-FF 106 utilises all the latest technology trends to ensure that its built to perfection. As we communicated with him, we noticed that he was a very detailed auto enthusiast, therefore, we recommended the set of Vorsteiner V-FF 106 wheels accompanied with a set of optional Vorsteiner Spline Lug Nut Bolts that were delivered just the day before to add that touch of detail into the mix.

As our client requested the wheels to be delivered to his appointed installer. We delivered it, and waited for the installation to be completed. After that, we managed to snap these photos for our feature and a few days later, we called up our concerned client for a review. He stated that he was massively impressed with our great service and praised us as we waited and assisted the installation process of the wheels to make sure nothing goes wrong. He appreciated the assistance we provided as our attention to detail and our overall product knowledge assured him on his decision of wheels along with the inclusion of the lug nuts which though small, makes a big difference in the detailing of the car. Additionally, based on his first time experience purchasing a product from us, he commented that he has a few other exotics like a Porsche 911 with Autofuture Design now being his number one choice when the time comes for a need of a modification.

Volkswagen Golf R Mk7 V-FF 103 4

All in all, like for each and everyone of our clients, we always do our best to provide them with the best service possible. Whatever our clients need, we’ll do our best to get it done. As additional info, Autofuture Design is the exclusive distributor of Vorsteiner products in Malaysia and we carry the entire lineup of products which are both ready for installation and ready for order. Contact us at anytime, on social media, or in person should you need any info on the products we offer or pay a visit to our showroom if you’re nearby. Our experience of 19 years in the industry ensures that our clients get the best services possible.

Vorsteiner Product Launch: The Vorsteiner Spline Lug Nut Bolts

Introducing Vorsteiner’s latest optional accessory addition in to their range, the Vorsteiner Spline Lug Bolts. For those that extra touch of detail and aesthetics to go along with any Vorsteiner or stock wheels, the Vorsteiner Spline Lug Bolts is the perfect addition to your vehicle. To up the ante on its wow factor, Vorsteiner has stamped the bolts with the company logo. These bolts are available with ready stock for stock for Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche & VW.

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Open-Top Cruising: BMW Z4 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Wheels & Bilstein B8 Sports Suspension

The BMW Z4 is a fabulous looking car. A middle ground between an open top cruiser and a sports car, this Bimmer will turn heads wherever its driven. Now being a low-slung roadster with a retractable roof, the owner has decided to wrap up the car’s exterior with a breathtaking chrome blue colour. The word flamboyant comes to mind each time you glance at the car, but that’s probably an understatement.

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HRE Performance FlowForm Feature: FF01 Equipped On A Bentley Continental

Its been a little over a week since our last post went up but after a short holiday we’re back with new content! New makeovers and new applications for various vehicles which will stun any auto enthusiast, so stay tuned for our coming features.

Bentley Continental HRE FF01 2

The Bentley Continental is a car that needs non introductions. The “flying B” badges around the car both inside and out will capture anyones attention signifying its opulent british elegance. This Bentley however, is far from being stock. It’s owner (whom possibly has very good taste) equipped this British limousine with a full Mansory body kit. The quad tail pipes, chrome lined side skirts and redesigned bumpers are all obvious signs of the Mansory build up.

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