Phase Two: Porsche Cayenne S equipped With A Hamann Bodykit!

In our previous article ( we featured a Porsche Cayenne having a set of V-FF 107 wheels installed and briefly mentioned a cosmetic upgrade for the Cayenne which was being ordered as that article was published.

Now, were done with our latest makeover of which sees a full Hamann Bodykit ordered from Germany and installed on this Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid and the results concluded in this Cayenne definitely being one of the standouts on the road!

Porsche Cayenne Hamann 1

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BMW E92 335i Equipped With Vorsteiner’s Latest V-FF 108 Wheels!

When Vorsteiner USA launched the V-FF 108 wheel, they introduced a new option in a very competitive segment of wheels. As Autofuture Design’s editor-in-chief, I personally have both seen and experienced the performance of various 18 inch wheels such as the makes of the BBS brand but in my opinion, the V-FF 108 wheel out classes all the other wheels in the 18 inch segment in terms of both aesthetics and performance!

BMW E92 335i V-FF 108 2

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Autofuture Design: The Pursuit Of Perfection!

Working with Autofuture Design would mean working with the absolute best premium brands in the industry! Back 20 years ago, we began as a premium re-seller of aftermarket products during one of the lowest moments in the Malaysian economy with the worst recessions ever recorded in Malaysian history. Fast forward two decades, not only have we managed to pull through but we are at our all time highest!

Audi R8 V-FF 105 2

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BBS CH-R Installed On A Porsche 911 Carrera!

As it stands, the 997 generation Porsche 911 Carrera looks great despite being one generation older than the most recent Porsche Carrera. However, as this client came to us looking to swap out his aged stock wheels for a set of new alloys, we knew exactly what would get his attention!

Porsche 911 Carrera Blog 2

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Carbon Brilliance: BMW F32 428i Coupe Equipped Adorned with Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 Wheels!

Whenever we get F30 clients with intentions to swap out their existing wheels, we would instantly recommend wheels in 19 inch sizes which we think would be the ideal size for the F3X generation BMWs. Not too big and not too small, all at the same time. However, when it came to this client, he had his mind set on 18 inch sized wheels and when Vorsteiner announced their latest V-FF 108’s were only to be produced exclusively in 18 inch variants, our client with a BMW F32 4-Series, rang us up immediately and requested a reservation for a set of V-FF 108’s.

BMW F32 V-FF 108 1

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Vorsteiner Novara: Our 4th Huracan Makeover!

Being tasked to write on our latest makeover featuring, Vorsteiner’s Huracan Novara Edizione Program is always a treat! With this being our 4th makeover in Malaysia, this is definitely one of the most stunning examples out there especially with its gold chrome body wrap! Working with the best brands in the industry such as Vorsteiner USA, it gives us an opportunity to push the Huracan’s design to the next level, further setting this supercar apart from the other machines out there!Vorsteiner Novara Huracan- Chrome Gold V-FF 107 10

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