Readily Available: Spicing Up the Look Of The New BMW X5 With HRE Performance’s FF11 Wheels!

Recently, we’ve received our largest ever shipment of wheels from HRE Performance Wheels! At approximately 250 pieces, this would allow us to service about a minimum of 62 cars from this shipment alone. With the delivery of this large shipment of wheels, it also brings forward an expanded list of applications and fitment options for various makes and models!BMW G05 X5-17

For more shots of this BMW x5, follow our Flickr link here:

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Touring Car Aesthetics: Mercedes-AMG C63S on Vorsteiner’s V-FF 107 Wheels!

We received yet another inquiry from our partnered dealer located in the Sunway area of Subang Jaya! Our partnered dealer, Kim Heng Car Care notified us that they had received a client whom was inquiring on a set of wheels that’ll make his Mercedes-AMG C63S look even sportier than it stands!

W205 V-FF 107-13

For more shots of this Mercedes-AMG C63S, follow our Flickr link here:

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BMW 3-Series On Vorsteiner’s Latest V-FF 112 Flow Forged Wheels!

We received an inquiry from a dealer of ours located in the Sunway district of the Selangor state. Our dealer was looking for a set of wheels for a BMW F30 3-Series! The interesting part about this car was that it was bodied in a rare Sakhir Orange paint scheme and with the lineup of wheel designs we have available, we were excited to get this 3-Series to look better than ever before! BMW F30 VFF112-11

For more shots of this BMW 3-Series, follow our Flickr link here:

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Weight Reductions: Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Running Vorsteiner’s Forged VFN 514 Wheels!

As the nation’s pioneering aftermarket specialists, we strive to deliver the very best services possible and to assist our clients in achieving their dream of automotive perfection! As such when a client approached us, looking for a set of wheels for his Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV, we were in for a really good time!

GLE 400 VFN 514-8

For more shots of this Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, follow our Flickr link here:

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HRE Performance FlowForm FF10 Wheels On A Mazda6 with H&R’s High-Performance Lowering Springs!

Though most of our featured highlights and articles focus on European makes and models, that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to service clients and customers with other vehicle brands and models! This brings us to a client whom we’ve worked with to hype up the look of his Mazda6!

Mazda 6 GJ HRE FF10-8

For more shots of this Mazda6, follow our Flickr link here:

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Porsche Macan on a set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 109 Wheels!

The Porsche Macan is a super sporty compact SUV! With the handling characteristics and stunning aesthetics, you expect from the Porsche brand, this SUV is instantly recognizable at a glance! A client who owns this Porsche Macan paid us a visit with the opinion whereby that his current set of factory wheels were a little too conservative and unaggressive for the look and feel he was going for. With that in mind, he paid us a visit, looking for a new set of alloys that’ll spice up the look and feel of his ride!Porsche Macan VFF109 CG-15

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Better Than New: BMW G20 3-Series Equipped With A Set Of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 112 Wheels!

With each and every passing day, the BMW G20 3-Series is growing in popularity! The numbers of G20 3-Series vehicles we’ve worked on are growing and for good reason. The benchmark sports sedan now looks and handles better than any of its predecessors and it excites us every time we receive a 3-Series inquiry!BMW G20 VFF112 CG-13

For more shots of this BMW G20 3-Series, follow our Flickr link here:

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BMW 7-Series on a set of HRE Performance’s FF10 Wheels!

With our numerous partnered dealers nationwide, our clients can take comfort that regardless of location, should you be in need of our products or if you simply need to make an inquiry, one could approach and/or contact any one of our dealers located nationwide and we’ll do our best to guarantee the best customer services possible!

BMW G12 HRE FF10-12

For more shots of this BMW G12 7-Series, follow this Flickr link here:

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BMW G20 3-Series Flaunting a set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 107 Wheels!

The BMW G20 3-Series is a beautiful looking car! With the launch of the seventh-generation BMW 3-Series, comes refreshed specifications for the car’s wheel fitment applications and being Vorsteiner, they’ve planned and developed their wheel design options to ensure ready availability for the new 3-Series prior to its launch!G20 VFF107-9

For more shots of this BMW 3-Series, follow our Flickr link here:

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