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A customer whom owns an Audi S5 Sportback came to us seeking advice. The factory vehicle came with 19 inch wheels and the driving experience was without an issue. However, the owner swapped out the factory set of rims for a set of replica Audi 20 inch wheels bought from a different aftermarket store to improve the overall aesthetics of the car. Soon after, there was a massive difference in the cars performance.

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Introducing Vorsteiner V-FF 105 & V-FF 106


Since 2014, Autofuture Design Sdn Bhd has partnered with Vorsteiner to be their exclusive distributor and retailer in Malaysia. Showcasing unique designs in attractive colours, Vorsteiner has been the market leader in the flow-forged performance wheel segment.

In 2015, the annual SEMA autoshow held in Las Vegas gave companies an opportunity to showcase their upcoming aftermarket parts. Thus, Vorsteiner has taken the opportunity to introduce two new wheel designs and as always, utilising their cutting edge production process to ensure quality and performance of the highest levels.

Vorsteiner Technology

Vorsteiner Construction Technology

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Transformed – Transforming a C200 to an AMG C-Class


For some time now, the W205 Mercedes-Benz has been on our roads in big numbers. With its elegant body and classy looks, the C-Class undoubtedly looks really good. However, that is something that can be improved much further with the addition of an AMG Performance bodykit. Shown in the pictures is a regular C200 massively transformed to look entirely more aggressive by equipping a genuine full AMG bodykit from us. That said, not all form comes without function.

The front of the car has been equipped with a genuine C-Class AMG front bumper. Designed to optimise airflow to the air intakes, the bumper enables the car to perform better when pushed hard. Apart from that, the air channels of the front bumper enhances air flow thus, reducing drag and enabling air flow to the brakes, reducing brake fade. A chrome front lip attachment on the front bumper, enhances the detailing at the front of the car impressing and catching the attention of onlookers.

At the side of the car, the AMG side skirts equipped enhances the flow of air at high speed, reducing drag. The side profile of the car is also made more aggressive with the edition of the side skirts. From the side, onlookers will know immediately that this is no ordinary C-Class.

Over in the rear, to show case that curvaceous rear fascia, an original AMG C-Class rear bumper was equipped to ensure a more menacing look, especially from a three quarter view. With additional rear air vents at the side of the car, the overall drag and air friction can be further reduced. The rear brakes are also able to breathe better due to the new air channels running through the bumper. The look of the exhaust outlet included on the rear bumper, further sophisticates its design and transforms the look from a single tailpipe to a dual tailpipe design

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Standing Out From The Crowd – Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Makeover

Carbon being the 6th element in the periodic table, it is mainly used as a alternative to steel as its much stronger but also a lot more lighter. therefore, carbon fibre in vehicle construction emphasises lightness while providing strength. With so many sporty coupes being launched, the owner of this AMG SLS wanted us to customise his car in a way whereby it would stand out from the crowd among all the other exotics out there. Seen in the photos is a highly customised SLS equipped with a full Mansory carbon fibre body kit.

The front of the SLS is equipped with a Mansory designed air intake and front spoiler. Both parts work together to provide increased downforce at high speeds and through corners but at the same time optimising air flow to the engine bay enabling the engine to breathe more efficiently. The carbon side skirts also showcases a much more sleek and sporty side profile making the SLS look more menacing and aggressive. The detailing of the car has been given more attention therefore, the air outlet vent on the fender has been customised with a Mansory built carbon fibre side panel with Illuminated LED. From a front three quarter view, the car’s aesthetics are much more improved over the stock front fascia.

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The Elites – Introducing HRE Performance Wheels

Recongnised as an Elite manufacturer of high-end forged wheels and rims, HRE Performance Wheels has debuted in Malaysia with their exclusive retailer and distributor, Autofuture Design Sdn. Bhd. Based in gorgeous state of California, USA, HRE Performance Wheels has recently announced their brand sole representative for Malaysia upon reviewing several distributors and deciding that Autofuture Design would be the best distributor and retailer to showcase their brand in Malaysia. One of the key aspects of securing the HRE brand was a recent visit paid by the Director of Sales, Mr Laurent Lebouder whom upon reviewing Autofuture Design, concluded that this would be the perfect distributor of their rims as well as the most suited representative of their brand in Malaysia.

By the month of April, well in to the spring season, Autofuture Design will begin to receive stock for their full-forged (Offers Customization) and flow-formed rims. A brief differentiation between “full-forged” and “flow-forged” is that full forged rims are highly customisable and flow-forged are half-way in between full and flow forged (Think of it as Semi-forged and the theory is much easier to understand).

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Boring W222 S Class turned into AMG S65 Mean Machine!!!

Last week we had a great and familiar project coming back to our shop for us to do some more work on that part of the journey of those vehicles through the years. It’s also a chance to learn a lot about the daily experience with the products we sell and install, knowledge that is very valuable when clients seek our help and advice with chosing the right products for their builds.

This Mercedes Benz W222 S400 Hybrid you see here looks amazing up close, the palladium silver car really enhances the lines while the car were wrapped up with AMG S65 Bodykits that includes Front Bumper, Side Skirt, Rear Bumper and AMG Tail Pipe that also comes together with the shiny chrome front bumper grill underline the cars athletic genes. The shiny window tint not only helps to improve the looks of the car but it is also a great way to keep some of the warmth of the summer sun out of the cabin, definitely a subtle but effective change that we’d recommend.

The last thing we did before we rolled the car out to our photographer so that he could take the shots you’ll see below, was installing the new wheels on the car. Our client wanted a set of these AMG Style 5 finished in titanium grey ,The wheels measure 8.5 ×20 in the front and 9.5×20 at the rear, which we wrapped with it’s existing tyres. Both our client and we ourselves are very happy with the outcome, the car looks mean with the AMG Muscular Line Front Bumper connecting the side skirt and go all the way to end of the Rear Bumper. This is the perfect example of what we do, from a standard boring car into mean machine almost any imaginable to the more technical stuff as installing bodykits and wheels for your car…. AUTOFUTURE DESIGN SDN BHD is the place to be. Make sure to contact if you have any questions for us, or if you want to discuss your ideas for your own project with us, we´re happy to answer them all and help you where we can!




R172 SLK installed with Full Carlsson Tuning Parts

Last month, we shown you the pictures of this SLK being modded with Carlsson Aerodynamics Package, ECU Tuning Kits and Exhaust system and yet we think that the wheels on his standard car need to be replaced. So that why the customer came back and completed this whole mods with the Carlsson 1/10 Bi Color Matt Silver/ Matt Grey Wheels sized 8.5 x 19 Front and 9.5 x 19 Rear and package it with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres. 

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F32 4 series with BMW M Sport , M Performance Accessories and Vorsteiner Wheels

The brand new BMW F32 4series are stunning cars, they’re taking the market by storm and we love it.

One of the things you’ll probably notice is the new setup created with a set of Vorsteiner VFF103 Flow Forged Wheels. This concave Y spoke design, VFF103, is a perfect match for the car in our opinion, we love the lightness and aggressive look of these wheels. The wheels you see in these pictures are finished in Mystic Black which was part of the range available in Vorsteiner Wheels Range and measure 20×8.5 in the front and 20×10 at the back.

The car also received the Full Complete change to Genuine BMW M Sport Bodykits which consists of a full complete front bumper, side skirt ,rear bumper, and the BMW Performance Rear Spoiler and Front Glossy Black grill, adding some racy details and a nice contrast with the Alpine White exterior. BMW Alpine White paint job makes for a fantastic starting point for this project and it’s the little details on the custom painted gloss black roof that make a lot of the difference to the overall look of the complete car. Beside the bodykits and wheels, this car program also conclude with a set of new Remus Quad Sport Exhaust system to compliment with the M Sport Diffuser and to create a perfect sound scene coming out of this BMW machine.

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Vorsteiner VFF103 Mystic Black Wheels on Alpine White BMW F10

A couple of weeks ago, we had a customer swing by our shop to look at some wheels. He was looking for a new set of black wheels for his white BMW F10. After a walk through our showroom and a little talk about the possibilities, the owner decided a set of Vorsteiner wheels was exactly what he was looking for and would fit his BMW nicely.

So we finished up his order and install with the new setup. The set consists of a set of Vorsteiner VFF103 Flow Forged measuring 19×8,5 in the front and 19×10 at the rear, weight less than 10kg wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport with the sizes 245/40-19 & 275/35-19 front and rear. Our customer was specifically looking for a black set and the Vorsteiner wheels are offered in Mystic Black.

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Vorsteiner VFF103 Wheels on the BMW F10 M Sport

Not much was needed to turn this already beautiful BMW F10 5 Series into a stunning car that will no longer be the car that everyone just walks by on the parking lot! Now with a set of Vorsteiner V-FF103 wheels sized 9 x 20″ in the front and 10.5 x 20″ in the rear, with a beautiful Carbon Graphite Finished, these do make this into a car that will turn heads everywhere the owner drives it! With our widely known expertise in the aftermarket tuning world, we wrapped these up in Bridgestone S001 tires sized 255/35/20 in the front and 285/30/20 in the rear which is the perfect combination for this wheel setup. In any way, the owner now has a BMW 5series M Sport that will gladly be looked at anywhere he takes it, but he also drives on a high-quality set of wheels from Vorsteiner and some great performance tires from Bridgestone now as well.

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