Mercedes-Benz S-Class Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 102 Wheels!

A regular customer of ours paid a visit with his new purchase, a W221 facelifted Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse! In its iridium silver paintjob, this S-Class looks absolutely fantastic seemingly comparable to a brand new S-Class! However, being a returning client of ours, he was familiar with our products and was looking forward for a set of wheels on his new saloon.

W221 V-FF 102 2

Follow this link for more shots of this S-Class:

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Porsche Cayenne Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

A dealer inquiry was brought to our attention for a Porsche Cayenne of which its owner was looking for a set of wheels to sit in place of the stock wheels and as the nations specialists in aftermarket, high-performance wheels we knew the exact set of wheels that’ll turn up the looks of this opulent SUV!

Porsche Cayenne V-FF 107 3

For more shots of this SUV follow this link:

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A Sportier Bentley? Vorsteiner’s BR-10 RS Aero Program Kitting Up A Bentley Continental GT!

Being the nation’s specialists in aftermarket performance and cosmetic enhancements, we’re paid visits by the nations most finest automobiles out there! We were paid a visit by a Bentley Continental GT looking to subtly turn up the aesthetics of his sporty gran tourer.

Bentley BR-10 RS Program 1

Take a look at more photos of this stylish gran tourer by following this Flickr link:

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Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

Mercedes-AMG’s CLA45 runs the worlds most powerful four cylinder engine and for good reason! It has 380hp from a tiny 2.0 litre engine of which rockets the car to 100km/h in under 4 seconds in some cases. With that in mind, A client paid a visit looking to equip his CLA45 with the latest, greatest alloys available out there and of course, we browsed through alloys manufactured by Vorsteiner USA for the perfect fit and finish for our client’s desires!

CLA45 Red V-FF 107 2

More photos of this CLA45 AMG are available via this link:

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BMW F10 5-Series Equipped With Vorsteiner’s V-FF 105 Alloys & Lowered With H&R Springs!

BMW F10 5-Series vehicles don’t get much spectacular than this! Our client had only just spray painted his 5-Series into BMW’s signature M2 Long Beach Blue paint job and approached for a set of spectacular V-FF 105 wheels for his vehicle and the results were stunning.

BMW F10 Long Beach Blue V-FF 105 2

Take a look at our Flickr page for more shots of this stunning BMW F10:

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Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Alloys!

The Mercedes-AMG CLA45 is a groundbreaking car, especially when its powered by the most powerful production four-cylinder engine in the world! Sporty and stunning , this one man one engine by AMG is a car that strikes every possible bone in your body (if you are a car nut) the right way. Powerful engines, design proving good things don’t need radical changes to stay relevant and amazing handling going together with all the attention a car like this brings to their owners.

CLA45 V-FF 107 1

Take a look at more gorgeous shots of this AMG @

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Porsche 911 Carrera S Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Wheels!

Known to the world as the Carrera, the Porsche 911 is one of the worlds most iconic supercars! As I write this article, I will admit that the 911 Carrera is one of my favourite supercars! All you need to say is you have a Carrera and instantly, people will know you’re the owner of one of the worlds most renowned supercars!

Porsche 991 Carrera S V-FF 101 1

Take a look at more shots of this Carrera @

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Outstanding Luxury: Bentley Continental GT V8S Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Wheels!

The Bently Continental Gran Tourer is an amazingly, gorgeous sports car! Seen here in its V8S trim with a gorgeous Metallic Sky Blue body colour, the Continental GT is definitely one of a kind. However, as stunning as a stock vehicle could be, working with us, there’s always more than one way of hyping up its looks, and one of the very best ways to not only improve a vehicles aesthetics but also its handling characteristics, is by way of a stunning set of lightweight alloys!

Bentley Continental GT V8S V-FF 103 2

Take a look at more shots of this sleek coupe here:

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Volkswagen Mk6 Golf GTi On Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 Wheels!

A Mk6 Volkswagen Golf GTi, paid us a visit some days ago, looking for a set of wheels that’ll turn up the looks of this already sporty Golf GTi and as we continued to converse with the owner of this hot hatch, the story got more and more interesting!

VW Golf V-FF 108 5

Take a look at more shots of this hot hatch by following this link:

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